Summer Style Guide Curated by Natalie Grunberg

I’m Canadian and that means I’m used to bundling up by a fire with big wooly socks with a hot cuppa for about 8 months of the year. When summer finally happens I relish in the warm rays and beaded sweat on my brow. Here are my 5 tips for enjoying summer in style.

-Natalie from Panty by Post

1.     Embrace the surfer look! Wear your hair long, loose and tussled. I love to wash and go! For an evening out, I smooth my hair out and tie it up in a high bun or side ponytail. Summer is about spending less time indoors primping and more time out enjoying life!

2.    Just add lipstick! I don’t know about you, but when I found BB Cream (I use Eminence Blemish Cream) it was the answer to all my facial woes. BB Cream has SPF and is pigmented to smooth out discoloration. I use BB Cream and a bright pink lipstick, then I’m good to go. My makeup regime is also taking summer holidays!

3.    Summer dresses and strappy bras! Summer is time to show a little skin. Take your cue from the French and incorporate your lingerie into your look. I love to wear colored and pattered bras and have them shine through a light white blouse.

4.    Paper thin panties! I exclusively wear panties from my own company ( In the summer I’m wearing our paper thins. These light panties feel like silk, but you don’t need to hand wash them. These paper thins come in blue, rose, light green and navy. Your panties should have seasonal colors, just like the rest of your wardrobe.

5.   Long necklaces, wrapped bracelets, simple drop earrings. Summer is a time to play up color, mix and match, and glam it up! A white dress is the perfect canvas for all those chuncky necklaces you’ve been collecting.

Thank you, Natalie, for this post!!  -Hugs from your friends at A Little Bundle!