A Very Special Thank You


Words can't express how thankful I am of your love and support! 

Thank you so much for your kindness, taking the time to share our services, and supporting small business. When I started A Little Bundle in August 2013, I was amazed and excited for the rapid growth and success in the last 8 months. The support of new and old friends, family and especially the community on Social Media has proved that the power of word of mouth really does work!


That's what makes my job so special. I'm so grateful to be able to gift and share a little part of your journey into motherhood and your little lovey's early life. Just being able to see pictures of your little ones playing with the gifts in each bundle makes me want to work harder and be able to give back to our Community and eventually the world.

Although I didn't reach my goal on Kickstarter, I am so happy to see how much I was able to raise within 30 days. For everyone that has shared my Campaign, thank you so much for taking part in supporting a Small Business. For everyone that has backed my Campaign, thank you so much for believing in A Little Bundle! Your pledge was not charged and we hope that you'll sign up from our Website. We really hope you'll continue to being our awesome bundle subscriber and share our services to your friends and family!

What's to come? We'll continue to push through and operate business as usual! There'll be other opportunities to perhaps try again or other ways to continue to support our growth! Be sure to stay tuned with us and come along in our journey!

Again, Thank you so much for your support and love.

Hope you'll have a wonderful weekend!

Big Hugs, 

Annie Lin 
CEO | Founder | Creative Director