Spread the Word | End the Word | 3.5.14


Yesterday changed the world. Today could change the world. Tomorrow will change the world.

Take advantage of the present time and make your voice heard. 

The inspiration today is from this very post by Huffington Post, and this pledge by R-word.com.
Have you ever casually used the word "retarded" in reference to a friend's behavior or a reaction to something "absurd" or "crazy"? Or simply putting down a person, a race, a general topic?

The effect of this word is definitely one that should be taken seriously. It definitely is a hurtful word that does not imply any sorts of positivity in anyway at all.

So here's a suggestion from our corner of the world to yours. The next time you feel compelled to use the word "retard" "retarded" or "tard" - Just Stop. and Think

Spread the word and end the word, today. Read the series of posts here.