Thank you Longest Shortest Time & A Little Bundle! - Tessa Prebble from New Zealand

Thank you, A Little Bundle & Longest Shortest Time!
– just what the doctor ordered!

When I found out I was pregnant, some 15 weeks ago now, my sister put me onto The Longest Shortest Time, a podcast and blog about those first few tough months of motherhood. I quickly sped through all the episodes, laughing, cry and cringing along with the mothers who told their stories.

When it stopped over the Christmas/New Year period I waited patiently for the first 2014 episode. When it came I settled down to listen to it and heard Hillary Frank talk about their first big prize, The Not So Glamorous But So Necessary Bundle in conjunction with A Little Bundle. I didn’t like my chances, and wasn’t even sure they would send a prize all the way to New Zealand, but I entered anyway. I got in one day before the cut off and the next day, to my absolute delight, I got an email from Hillary and Annie at Little Bundle telling me I had won.

I don’t really win things, so this prize just made my day. Winning a prize this well thought out would have been great enough, but it just so happened this email came at a very good/bad time. My partner and I had been going back and forth between the hospital and our midwife after finding out things were not quite as they should with our little one be at the 20 and 24 week scans. We had already had an amino, which had cleared us of a major chromosomal abnormality, but now it was looking like she might have a heart problem, issues with her brain and an underdeveloped left eye. Since that scary development we have had multiple scans and managed to cross a few of the scarier things off the list. Her brain looks fine at this point and the heart isn’t nearly as complicated as it could be. Her eye is still a bit of a worry and doctors are monitoring it closely. But when we received the email to say we had won this bundle we were in the process of finding out all this and everything felt overwhelming and too big to process.


Getting that email made me feel like a regular soon-to-be Mum again and made me excited about the whole process again. 

After getting that email I also sat down and started my own Blog, The One in A Million Baby, to tell our story about an unpredictable and far-from-normal pregnancy. 

Whatever happens with our wee one, it has been lovely to receive this package, which got to us via Ireland and Switzerland (the wonders of the modern postal system). I am so looking forward to using the goodies (more excited about the swaddle and cute socks than the hemorrhoid cream) and have already polished off the delicious sea salt chocolate.

Thanks again, A Little Bundle. You couldn’t have known how much I needed that bundle!

-Written by Tessa Prebble

We're so happy to hear from you, Mama Tessa! And even more excited for you and your little babe! Goodluck with everything and motherhood <3 

Big Hugs from A Little Bundle Team

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