"Not So Glamorous, but So Necessary" Big Bundle - Especially Collaborated with Hillary Frank from Longest Shortest Time


Meet Hillary Frank: 

Hillary Frank is a writer and radio producer based in Montclair, NJ. She is the author of the novels Better Than Running at NightI Can’t Tell You, and The View from the Top. Her radio work has aired on a variety of public radio programs, including This American Life,Morning EditionAll Things ConsideredStudio 360Marketplace, and Weekend America.

We stumbled upon Hillary Frank's Longest Shortest Time Podcast through her Kickstarter Campaign for Season 2. We instantly felt connected and needed to reach out to her! 

Hillary started Longest Shortest Time three years ago after experiencing a difficult childbirth and its aftermath as an attempt to feel a little less alone. We're so happy to share that LST was over-funded on Kickstarter! 

Hillary and I came together to collaborate on curating a Big Bundle. I've been contemplating on a way to debut a "very real" Big Bundle since I've started A Little Bundle. We all want  the cute, pretty things, but we all need the necessary (less pretty) things. I love what Longest Shortest Time Podcast stands for - the real-ness of parenthood, the stories from people that are experiencing similar situations as a new parent, and the company at any hour of the day / night to assure you that you're not alone in this new chapter in life. 

We're so thrilled to share the exclusive collaboration:  'Not So Glamorous, but So Necessary" Big Bundle. It's exactly what a Mama needs post-labor. Alllllllll the necessary things to ease their way back into life, welcome them into parenthood, and getting in tune with their new life with their new little love!

To kick-start the Season 2 Longest Shortest Time Podcast, we are joining forces to offer 2 Giveaways for this Big Bundle! Yes! You heard me right, TWO!

1. Head over to Longest Shortest Time Podcast and Blog to find out how to enter and win the Giveaway hosted by Hillary Frank. 

To enter you MUST leave a comment on the Giveaway blog post with a STORY about your most necessary item in early motherhood. (Story can be just a few sentences.) And entrants MUST click "I Commented" on the Rafflecopter widget. Entrants who write about a company for which they are an employee will be disqualified.

2. Head over to A Little Bundle's Instagram, and learn how to enter and win a 'Not so Glamorous, but So Necessary' Big Bundle, too!

We have only (11) Eleven Big Bundles available for purchase at our A Little Shop! Grab yours now or gift your new Mama Friend. She'll thank you a million times for it!

P.S. LISTEN to the first episode of Longest Shortest Time, Season 2! They'll have a new episode every other week on Wednesdays at 3am!!!



Learn more about the curated song-list by Hillary "Mama Needs Lullabies Too"!

What are you waiting for? Hop over to Longest Shortest Time and A Little Bundle's Instagram and start entering to win! Winners will be announced on January 15th!


A Very Special Thank you!! to all the generous sponsorship from DIAPERS.COM , The Babied Family, The Chocolate Path, Housey Home, Kira Kids, and Wee Gallery for the two Giveaways we're able to Host.