A Little Bundle's New Home

Welcome to A Little Bundle's Blog!

We're so excited to kick-start the blog adventure, especially after relocating our Headquarter from East Bay, California to Austin, Texas! Yeehaw!

A Little Bundle officially launched August 10th, and we can't be happier with all the positive responses and our bundle subscribers that are joining us for the ride!

We've created this space to stay connected with our subscribers, followers and supporters! 

Here, we'll explore: 

  • exclusive collaboration  with designers and vendors just for our subscribers
  • share stories written by Moms from around the world
  • photos from contests and entries from viewers like you
  • inspirational photos of places, people, and products that we admire

Here's are ways for you & your lovies to be apart of our Blog!

1. Every week, we will post two stories written by Moms from around the world.
We invite you to send us your stories to blog@alittlebundle.com along with 2-3 pictures.

Suggested Topics:
motherhood, relationship/marriage, children & siblings, work & family, perspective in past, present and future, funny light hearted stories, personal goals, dreams and aspiration, how your baby have changed you...etc. 

We can't wait to read all your stories. Please know that if you'd like to be anonymous, we respect that and will honor it, too.

2. Stay connected with us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We will always be doing fun little contests to post your little lovey and you on our Blog. Our most recent contest was the Favorite Stuffed Animal Contest and we are debuting the chosen picture on Tuesday, September 24th! 

3. Have a product you love? Please share it with us! We're always looking, listening and shopping! Email us at blog@alittlebundle.com.

Thank you for your support & love.

Here are a couple pictures taken on our road-trip from Northern California to Austin, Texas. 

 Welcome to my Tepee! 

Welcome to my Tepee! 

 Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

 Carlsbad Cavern

Carlsbad Cavern