Exclusive: Longest Shortest Time x A Little Bundle

Introducing the "NOT SO GLAMOROUS, BUT SO NECESSARY" Big Bundle!

Many of you are probably wondering, What happened to the Big Bundles? 

Welp! Thank you for your patience. We're currently undergoing a few facial changes and body cleansing to better service you, our awesome subscribers, and you, our amazing customers that love our Shop, and you, our future subscribers and customers!

Our new system will be released mid-end of January! 
What a perfect way to kickstart the Big Bundles back on A Little Bundle with this
AH-MAZING Exclusive Collaboration! We were lucky enough to work with Hillary Frank from Longest Shortest Time podcast. Hillary has curated a Big Bundle with us and hand-picked the necessity items that any woman would need post-labor. Items that many people may find not so glamorous, but many women find it so necessary!

We adore working with Hillary! Her podcast speaks for itself- it's a real way of connecting with real-life stories of motherhood and birth stories. In every way, Hillary has a real-ness to her that translate to her selected stories that are featured in her Podcast. She's a mother at heart, a woman by birth and simply human. 

This December, if you're a bundle subscriber, every bundle should have received multiple cards in your bundle! One of which is promoting this very collaboration! There'll be a giveaway hosted by Hillary as she's kickstarting her 12 podcast series funded on Kickstarter (!!!!). Check out these awesome cards made by Moo

Stay tuned for our "NOT SO GLAMOROUS, BUT SO NECESSARY" Big Bundle available for retail, but limited quantity! 

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