Exclusive: Mulberry Press x A Little Bundle

We're so so excited to share our newest collaboration with Mulberry Press. Sera Kuo, the brains and talent behind Mulberry Press, is such a sweetheart to work with!

We came together with a few quotes that really resonated in our own childhoods and thought it would be a great way to pass on that love to your little ones with a cute 5"x7" print.

These prints are perfect for the Holidays (Stocking Stuffer alert!!), gifted in a framed, or simply a decor for your own office space as a reminder that love makes the world go round. :)

Every subscriber this month will receive one of the two copies: 

1. Quote by Dr. Seuss

2. Quote by Winnie the Pooh

There's a few left available for purchase at our A Little Shop! Get yours new to share with your friends and family!