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Meet Rosa Ng: 

Founder of Young x Able. Designer by heart. Knit Fanatic. Adore Kids.

Founded in New York City, Young x Able reveals the story and passion behind every designer's eye and work. More reason to support the small business with the ambition and heart to run with it!

A Little Interview with Rosa Ng, Founder of Young x Able.

1. What inspired you to start Young & Able at such a young age?

I have always wanted to start something of my own and for a while, the vision was launching a small knitwear line. But what inspired me the most to start Young & Albe is my friends that  chose the path of starting their own brand right after college.  I’ve always walked away so inspired and motivated after seeing their latest collection. But the problem is  they all share the same story. Each of them  have their own unique vision and have created high quality hand crafted goods but struggle to get their name out there outside their own networks. I truly believe in my friends and the many makers and emerging designers out there and as consumers, we want to know more about what we are spending our money on and we should invest on things that will last. It didn't make sense for me to enter into this saturated market as a designer, there was a void in the market. Therefore I decided to launch Young & Able, an online platform where we have editorial and blogger photoshoots, behind-the-scenes footages, interviews and Q&As with our feature designers so both designers and consumers can interact at every level. Let’s collectively support the design entrepreneurs of our generation and a simple like, tweet, pin and follow goes a long way.

2. What has been your best memory in life that you've taken into your professional career?

When I traveled to India earlier this year, I took a workshop in Bagru, a small city near Jaipur, known for their natural dying and hand print blocking techniques. I had an amazing time during those days learning from the local artisans and creating my own textiles, I remember telling myself that this is what I want to be doing when I return to NY in terms of  working and creating something of my own.  Whenever I have doubt about Young & Able, I always think back of the days I was print blocking away in India and I know that this is exactly where I should be right now, doing something I am passionate about and at the same time building and helping a community.

3. Where do you hope to be in 5 years from now?

I hope in 5 years, I'll be able to have created an amazing and passionate team that shares the same value and mission I have with Young & Able so we can to continue to support the emerging designers and makers of our generation. And of course, traveling internationally to scout out more talents too!