And the Love Letter Contest Winner is....

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Dear Little Man,

I’m not sure how we got here, where on earth the past 17 months have gone.  I do know that I am blessed beyond measure that God chose me to be your Mother.  You amaze me every day with the milestones you achieve, not just the big ones but the small ones too. 

You look exactly like your handsome father and you have his mannerisms too.  There isn’t a moment that I look at you that I don’t see him. You have 4 molars, and all 8 of your incisors, which we brush thoroughly twice a day.  You’ve even started wanting to brush your tongue like me, it is the cutest thing!  You make me so proud when you bring me the floss because you want me to floss your teeth, my friends think I’m crazy but your smile is too sweet and perfect not to take good care of it. 

I have yet to break down and get your hair cut yet, it is just so perfect the way it is and it is getting long like Daddy’s.  Your hair gets blonder by the sun every day because you insist on being outside; I think you would sleep in a tent out there if I would let you.  Everyone compliments you on your beautiful eyes, they are big and hazel and they just shine.  I love how sweet and loving you are. 

Daddy and I say you are just the sweetest.

If I had to pick your favorite thing (not related to the outdoors-of course) I would have to say its books.   You will sit and let me read to you for the longest time while you turn the pages and add in some of your own narration every now and then. 

You love to babble, you have a few favorite actual words too.  It’s funny the words you decide to say or the things you decide to do. Your first word besides ‘mama’ and ‘dada’ was ‘bubble’ you love it when we blow bubbles outside but I never dreamed you would say it. 

I tried to teach you to blow kisses and wave hi/bye-bye early on and what did you decide to do first? High five!  I’m not even sure where you learned to do it in the first place.  You just recently learned how to shake hands, all gentlemen should know how to shake hands and I think it is so awesome you can do it already! When we get in the car and I turn on your Bible songs you love to clap along. 

I cannot believe how much you have changed us.  You make me want to be a better person with every breath I take because you deserve it.  Every time you grow, change and learn something new I get so excited for you and proud. I am torn between wanting you to learn more and wanting to freeze time so that we can always live in these moments that are flying by too fast for me to remember them all. 

I take so many pictures I almost don’t need to say ‘cheese’ anymore to get you to smile.  I am sure you wonder why I want so many photos, someday you will understand. 

I knew I loved my parents and that they loved me but I had no idea how much a parent can love their child until you

My love for you is unlike any other and it is so much that there are no words to describe it and do it justice, so you will just have to trust me on that.  I try to teach you and guide you the best I know but I am learning too and I make mistakes just like you.  You teach me new things every day and I will forever be grateful that you are my son. I love you to pieces Handsome.          

Love, Mommy   

-Written by Kourtney Dyson


Thank you everyone that participated. It was so emotional to read everyone's love letters to their little.

Congratulations to Kourtney and your lucky little man!
We can't wait to send you your first bundle :)