Exclusive to A Little Bundle by Noah Marion

Noah Marion x A Little Bundle

An Austin leather work artist and entrepreneur, Noah taught himself how to sew and craft. Since 2006, Noah had successfully launched his brand and online  shop, which specializes in unique veg-tanned leather products, ranging from personalized Macbook cases to handbags to wallets and custom pet leashes. 

Noah and I connected in Austin, Texas. I came across his bags searching for my bundle subscribers and reached out to him to see if he'd be interested to connect. Sure enough, he became a fast friend and he was interested in creating an exclusive product for all my mamas!

Introducing the Exclusive Leather Wristband Keychain

by Noah Marion x A Little Bundle

We love these easily accessible leather wristband keychains - why? Because, Mamas, we know you've always got your hands full! From loading up the kids in the car seat, to grabbing their bottle or even just getting groceries out of the trunk! We know how handy these well-crafted leather wristband will come in handy when you just need to throw it on your wrist and have your hands free for other things!

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How do you get these?


My current subscribers - this includes only the 2-months, 3-months, 6 months subscribers - are guaranteed to receiving this in their next monthly bundle!



Month to month subscribers- You'll have to sign up again to receive this bundle if you're interested! 

We'd like to apologize for the inconvenience for my month to month subscribers. We are currently working hard to upgrade our system for a more efficient process of signing up, continuing your subscriptions, and managing your information. Until we have that ready, we're really sorry for making you have to sign up again for every month. 

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Keep in mind, we have many more exclusive projects coming up! Secure your spot in receiving one of a kind products made just for our subscribers!!