7 a.m. Enfant

We had an incredible trip to New York and was able to stay bundle thanks to 7.a.m. Enfant! The Evolution Blanket is the greatest invention ever! It kept Indie Rey completely bundled up and warm all the while being able to look around the city as we took on each day. 

The entire trip, people would say things like, "well gosh, I wish I had a bigger size of this for myself!" ha! me too!

We also LOVED the Pookie Poncho which really helped me keep Indie Rey warm as I baby carry her in my Ergo! I used this on both flights going and coming back. It really kept her legs and arms warm! 

I also really LOVE their Large Voyage Bag which helped me store a lot of all the things she needed as we were out around town - diapers, snacks, toys, blankets, change of clothes (you just never know!) and more! We also used the Doudoune to bundle up for short little walks around the Hotel!

We hope you'll try them out on your next Ski trip or a cold-weather destination! Use the code: "7AMBUNDLE" to get 15% off your next purchase. Valid through February 18th!