LABOR: Ace Wilder

Ace wilder was my second baby, my second pregnancy. And more than likely, my last. I still remember the day I found out I was pregnant with her, to the day we checked into the hospital to have my scheduled c-section delivery. I had the worse anxiety during this second pregnancy of mine. The ever familiar large florescent light in the OR room looming overhead, unavoidable--It's just there glowing brightly and painfully the soft ticking and buzzing of the machines all around me. It always gave me a sense of panic and fear. I hear the doctor chuckling under his face mask, putting on his gloves all while he was having a casual conversation with the anesthesiologist --possibly about sports? Kids?Thanksgiving? ...Thanksgiving after all was tomorrow. And by that time tommorrow, I would have my baby in my arms. Recovering. My mind was in a whirlwind of thoughts and although I couldn't feel anything, I definitely felt my emotions coming through. No anesthesia can numb out the emotions of an expecting mother, especially one who is about to give birth right then and there. 

I still didn't know how I would react to Ace. I spent my entire life of motherhood loving Gunther so deeply I was afraid I wouldn't have enough love to give my new daughter. Silly thoughts swirled around my head as I got woozy. I remember looking up while blinking really slow and thinking "WHY AM I BLINKING SO SLOW?!" I look up and see my husband covered in all white. He blended in with the brightness of the florescent light and I had to look away. I felt his warm hand squeeze my limp grip. I so badly wanted to squeeze his hand right back but I couldn't. It was so hard to breath and I wanted to cry, but couldn't. The whirring of the machine got quieter and grew distant broken by by the shrill cries of my new baby. My new purple beautiful loud and strong baby girl. She was so loud! I instantly woke up from my day dream, I woke up from whatever it was that was keeping me from being alert, awake, aware. I wanted to see that baby more than anything. The love was there even before I was able to see her. It was there all along. I cried. Not because of the pain from feeling so breathless but because I felt as though I waited all my life for this girl. My husband clipped the umbilical cord and they swaddled her and took her over to me. There she was, angry and beautiful and loud and left me breathless. Words cannot fathom how I felt that very moment. 

She was finally here. My dream girl. 

Both father and daughter and nurses walked out of the OR to get the baby cleaned and ready. I so wanted to jump of off stainless steel table and follow them but I couldn't. I woke up in a room with warm colors. I couldn't remember being taken there or even falling asleep but I felt grateful for the rest I got. A knock thudded softly on the old wooden door and opened slowly, my husband walked in and a nurse close behind him pushing a clear baby crate (not sure what those things are called ) with Ace swaddled so snuggly as her beautiful tiny face peeked so perfectly from behind her muslin and hand knit hospital beanie. 

There she was, my dream girl. Born on Nov 25, 2015 in San Dimas California

LABOR: Ellie

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I have never been good at being pregnant. I imagined a glow and loving the whole 9 months. That did not happen. I was so sick. The morning sickness was awful. And the preterm labor. Every pregnancy, which led to having to get progesterone shots. But I LOVE giving birth. This pregnancy however I was more nervous. Have had a miscarriage 2 heart before, I knew my heart could not take another lose.

I started having contractions when I was 13 weeks this go around. When I was 35 weeks I could tell that they were starting to get stronger and more intense though that week. Saturday night I was having a ton but I refused to go in just to sit for a few hours and go home. Sunday I woke up and had a ton of pressure. So I went in, only after my husband pressured me and told me I was going to end up having the baby at home, which after my last delivery was a real possibility. When I got there my contractions picked up and were every 3-5 minutes apart. I was only at 1.5 cm though but because of my history of preterm labor I had to stay. Well to my surprise, my contractions got stronger and stronger. Even the shot they gave me to stop them only worked for about 20 minutes until they picked up again. Back labor people is no joke! They finally gave my a shot for pain around 8 at night. Between 8 and midnight I progressed to a 4, which of course meant I got to stay over night. At that point I was just happy the pain was being managed because i miserable and being stuck in that bed didn’t make it any better. When I woke up at 8 in the morning I was still at 4 cm so thankfully I got to go home! I slept pretty much that whole Monday. Tuesday I had my weekly appointment and my midwife told me not to be surprised if she was not here by the end of the week.

Fast forward to Thursday. I had an appointment to go get checked that morning so I sent the boys to a sitter so we could go and then spend some last minute time together. We went shopping and got lunch. After that we hung out at families with the boys for a little bit. And bam, water breaks at like 4:30. Seriously the strangest feeling in the world. My water has always been broken in the hospital. Shaeson was laughing hysterically because I was so concerned about getting fluid everywhere and every time I laughed it gushed out. Basically stand in one spot and don’t move and you will not gush fluid every where.

We rushed to the hospital because my last labor I went from  5 cm to 10 cm in 20 MINUTES! The nurse checked me and I was 6 cm. At that point I decided I was going to get an epidural after Sunday’s back labor even though I was terrified after my last epidural, but my guy was amazing and made the process as easy and painless as possible. After I settled down and got cleaned up she checked me and I was only at 7 cm. Everyone was like "Okay let's get this moving". My contractions had not picked up yet so they were still only every 7-10 minutes apart at which point they started me on pitocin. 

Before we knew it, she was coming. People always joke that she must have slid right out, but really she did. Even through my epidural I could feel it. The pain in my back! Man. The nurse frantically called my midwife, who luckily was at the hospital. My husband and midwife got their gowns on. She was right there. I started to push and all I heard was "STOP PUSHING!". Out came this perfect 5 pound 7 ounce bundle of love, caught by my husband himself, and as quite as can be. I was definitely scared since she came so early but she was perfect. We are so thankful for our rainbow baby every day and she fills our life with so much joy!

-Mama Shaeson Bronson
Mama to 2 boys and 1 Bunny Babe
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Dash was due on 10/1, but I had a feeling he would come early. Everyone always says that the first baby comes late, but I just knew my boy was coming early. I kept going to the date 9/28 - my wedding anniversary.

On 9/24, a Saturday, I started to get contractions. They lasted all day and at varying intensities. We kept texting my doula who gave us the annoying response of "this is your body's way of warming up." But I knew these contractions were real! We eventually started timing them and at times they were coming less than 5 minutes apart. Nothing happened that day, the contractions kept coming all day and night but there was no rhyme or reason. I had barely gotten any sleep that night.
Sunday came and the same thing - contractions coming and going, but no rhyme or reason. We went to brunch and I went to the bathroom and my mucus plug had dropped! I was so excited! Labor was near! But by Sunday night, there was no change. I barely slept that night.

Monday came and it was the same thing. I was going crazy. Contractions kept coming and going but not progressing anywhere. I barely slept Monday night.

On 9/27, a Tuesday, I lay down in the morning and had a talk with Dash. I discussed various dates that he could come, and I told him how badly we wanted him to come that week! I said, "September 28th is a great date. It's the day your dad and I were married. Now if you wanted to come on the 28th, I would be willing to give you that date. We can figure out a different day to celebrate our anniversary." I got out of bed and moved our dog's large food bag into the dining room and my water instantly broke!

The plan was to labor at home, but i tested positive for GBS so I had to go to the hospital fairly quickly. Once at the hospital more water came out. I think I got admitted at 2pm, and 13 hours and 59 minutes later Dash would be born.

Labor-- oh man, labor was a trip. The only thing I can equate it to is a bad drug trip. It was like being on acid but getting hurt at the same time. I was out of my body but also more in tune with my body than ever before. I was most successful when I was laboring in the bathroom. I was in a large tub and then also sitting on the toilet. It felt like someone was banging a hammer against my tailbone. At one point my feet and my hands fell asleep. The sensation of limbs falling asleep while also needing to move because of the contractions was terrible.

My intention was to not use any drugs. When I was between 8-9cm (12AM) I tapped out. I got an epidural and I got fentanyl. My body was so physically and mentally exhausted. I hadn't slept since 9/23 Friday night. I was done. The epidural kicked in almost immediately. Matt took a nap for two hours and I drifted in and out of a haze. Eventually, I felt something pressing up and down on my vagina. I realized it was Dash's head and that he was ready to come out. I was so tired that I decided not to tell anyone. I was hoping he would just slide out! Eventually they came to check me and discovered I was +3 dilated and it was time to push! Pushing was hard because I couldn't feel ANYTHING!

Dash arrived on our third wedding anniversary - September 28th at 3:59 AM.

-Mama Carolyn Coombs
Owner of Keep It Classical Pilates

LABOR: Bowie

Bowie came a week early at 39 weeks.  I had a feeling throughout my pregnancy that he would come early but everyone kept telling me that first time mom’s usually deliver late. But I had a feeling! I also think my trip to Ikea the day before I went in to labor didn’t hurt. I think I walked 5 miles!

I woke up early on Monday morning with slight cramps. They were light but I felt them all night. It was enough to wake me up but not enough to make me think I was in labor. Because I was restless, my husband also woke up to ask how I was feeling. I remember telling him, “it could be something but it could be nothing. ” I didn’t sleep much that night but when I did wake up, the cramps were still there. I honestly didn’t think I was in labor! We went on with our day-by chance, a rare day off together.

We spent our day off watching movies, something we never do! We are both busy bodies but for some reason we were both happy to relax at home. I was still cramping but not enough to make me want to call the doctor yet. We went to lunch and ran into a friend who was due before me. We joked we might see her at the hospital but I ended up going into labor a week before her so we missed each other. Funny how that happens!

Around 4pm, the cramps were slightly more intense and my husband suggested I call the doctor. When I finally called, my nurse was not very happy with me. I waited too long and now the doctor’s office was closed. She would have preferred that I come to the office to see if I was dilated and now she might have to send me to the hospital. I told her I was feeling good so no need to send me to the hospital yet. Also, I wasn’t sure I was in labor. She said very calmly, “Cristina, you are in early labor, dear. And those aren’t cramps, they’re contractions! Call me when they’re 5 minutes apart.”

I hung up the phone and looked at my husband. I had the nurse on speakerphone so he had heard the conversation. We both looked at one another in shock, and got really excited but remained calm. We went for a walk, I took a bath and then called my sister and brother in law to come over and pick up our pup. They stayed a while and we all inspected my belly because baby boy was moving like crazy. They left around 8pm and that’s when the contractions became more intense. Not painful but enough that we started timing them. At first they were 7 minutes apart, then 6, and when they reached 5, I called the doctor who told me I was definitely in labor and should go to the hospital. We packed the car, my husband packed his bag, and we took off.  My husband called my parents and sister and said, it’s time!

The drive to the hospital was awful. Every bump we hit hurt. I thought at one point I was going to have the baby in the car. We checked in around midnight and I was 5cm dilated.

The rest of the night, morning really, is a blur! My husband knew one of the nurses on call who wasn’t assigned to me but kept checking in. She offered a medicine ball when she saw how uncomfortable I was in bed and I ended up using that for most of my labor.

I told them I wanted an un-medicated birth and somewhere around 8cm, I was begging for drugs. The nurses, who I can’t say enough good things about, listened but also told me that I seemed very confident when I told her my un-medicated plan. It was what I needed to hear. When it came time to make the decision of drugs or no drugs, I knew I could do it without. I’ve been taking yoga for years and the breathing saved me. I would forgo Lamaze class and just take more yoga!

They checked me once more, after begging them and threatening that I was going to start pushing if they didn’t, and I was 9cm. My water broke a minute later, just like you see in the movies. Everywhere! My mom was in the room when it happened and went running after the doctor to tell her. A memory I will never forget!

I remember feeling so tired. I was exhausted and would fall asleep between contractions. Like, lights out. My husband, who was the most amazing coach, was also exhausted and skipping numbers as he counted my pushes. I remember hearing 9, 8, 7, 6, 4, 2…another funny memory.

Right before I pushed, my doctor of 5 years, who was not on call, came rushing in! I was so happy to see her. I pushed for nearly 2 hours and had Bowie at 7:31 am. It was the most amazing feeling to hold him and hear him cry. I was told I said, “holy shit, we have a son. What the fuck!” Ha!

I was on such a natural high and felt no pain. I tore during delivery so while I delivered the placenta and the doctor stitched me up, I watched my husband with the nurses and our baby. He helped weigh and measure Bowie and it was such a beautiful moment. We spent a few minutes with Bowie by ourselves before Michael went outside with the doctor to announce Bowie’s arrival. I love that he had that time with Bowie.

My blood pressure spiked when I was delivering and remained high so they had to put me on magnesium for 24 hours. It felt like fire in my veins and I was thirsty and hooked up to an IV machine making it even more unpleasant to use the bathroom and get around. We invited our family that was there, my parents had been there since 1:30am, to meet Bowie and after they left, it was just the three of us. I remember thinking, I’ve never been happier. That remains true.

-Mama Cristina Bocanegra
Wardrobe Stylist and Founder of Love Child Mag

LABOR: Indie Rey

A few weeks before I unexpectedly went into early labor, I became intrigued with asking my friends and family their labor stories and even going online to read about other labor experiences! I was terrified of the unknown. What would the contractions feel like? How will I handle the pain? Can I really successfully have a natural birth? Am I strong enough for this? 

And before I knew it, my baby girl had decided to come early (38 weeks). I was in the middle of shipping bundles for the month and I had expected ten days or so later - and sure enough, my mucus plug came out. I went to the bathroom and saw a little bit of blood and I immediately thought, "oh shit! is it really happening now?!" I wasn't even packed. I wasn't even prepared. It was 1 am and all I had planned for was to enjoy my Sunday working on the shipment. 

I immediately called my doctor and at the time, I wasn't feeling much of any contractions, so she told me to go to sleep for the night. About 30-45 minutes later, I felt the contractions occur much more frequently and I just couldn't sleep. I called the doctor again letting her know the contractions were about 3 to 5 minutes a part and she said, "Sounds about right. You should come in." And there we were, at around 2:30am, packing our bags and going to the hospital.

When we arrived, I was about 3cm-5cm dilated and my contractions were stronger and stronger over time. I survived 12 hours of natural labor and just couldn't get to 10cm. I was hanging out at 9cm for four hours before my doctor suggested c-section or an epidural. I had planned for a natural birth, but like they say, birthing never goes your way. I chose epidural. Another (yea, really) 12 hours on epidural, I was exhausted! I didn't sleep at all, and I've just been in excruciating pain. I pushed for 3 hours and Indie's head was slightly crooked. My midwife had to guide me with the pushing and eventually Indie Rey pooped inside me! YEAH! The doctor told me I had 30 minutes to push her out or I'd have to have a c-section. That's when I pushed with all my might and out came my Indie Rey Contino. (After 27 hours!)

Now that I am a mom - I understand now. It's a full circle. Love Your Mother. The women body is a temple of adaptation and creation. It's absolutely incredible what we can do. The strength and will power to give birth is one thing, but mothering and loving another human being forever is an incredible gift and journey that I am so lucky to experience.  We try our best every day, and to be a mom and try to accomplish everything else - well, I think all moms are super heros and unicorns. xx - Annie

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