Artist + Motherhood: Meet Emily Mercedes

It’s hard to balance work and family life, but Emily Mercedes does it well. One of my projects at A Little Bundle was to interview a mommy - baby duo - and I had the pleasure of visiting Emily and her son, Ryland at home to take a peek at how she manages it all.

1.    How has motherhood changed your life?
It’s hard to pinpoint all the big and small things that shift when you become a parent. I started seeing life from a whole new perspective the moment I found out I was pregnant. There are tiny moments that you slow down to observe when your child is entranced by just about everything. It’s like I get to rediscover everything around me though his eyes.

2.    What inspired you to start your Etsy shop?
Art has always been a huge passion of mine. I moved to Chicago and painted during the winters to cure cabin fever. During my stint in the Windy City, I started a website called theBERRY. Over the years I would feature artists on the site and each of their images motivated me to make my own Etsy Shop.

I had a series of moves from Chicago to Nashville then down to Atlanta to be with the love of my life. One giant leap to Los Angeles before we ended up in Austin, Texas. During these transitions, inspiration started coming from every direction. The first line I put on Etsy is titled ‘Effervescent.’ It is colorful and whimsical, like all the places I have lived.

Some of my most popular posts on theBERRY featured photos from the 80s and 90s. Who doesn’t love a nice dose of Nostalgia? Cue my Nostalgic line on Etsy.

I made paintings for Ryland’s room while I was pregnant with him. He’s one of my biggest inspirations of all! Why not make a Nursery line?

3.     How do you balance being a mom and your new project?
I only work on my art if Ryland is asleep. Just like I give all my time and energy to him while he’s awake. I do the same for my art while he’s napping. He comes with me on adventures to the print shop though, he loves it there!

4.    What is something Ryland can’t leave the house without?
We could pack every toy in his toy box in our car, but he wouldn’t play with them. If we are headed to the playground, he’d be happy to play with sticks and rocks the entire time.

5.    Does he have a favorite thing to do?
He loves being outside. He gets cabin fever just like his mommy. What can I say? When you live in such a cool outdoorsy town, you take advantage of it.

6.    What are a few go-to spots in Austin that you love taking Ryland to?
We go on lots of walks, stop at playgrounds, and head to the pools around Austin to stay cool.

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-Written by Christin F. Smith

 Photos by  Christin F. Smith