Meet: Denell Pepin from MoPa Living


Meet: Denell Pepin

We connected with Denell Pepin, founder behind MOPA, and asked her a few questions about herself, family and balancing work life. 

What inspired you to start MOPA Event?

While pregnant with Nate in New York City, it was the perfect place to explore everything baby AND be within reach of the best of the best. And when I was not actually shopping the streets, I was online researching products that fit my lifestyle and aesthetic. I was in deep and I loved the process - the hunt! 

The idea of creating a one-day, on-trend marketplace where parents can do all the above and also feel celebrated about this life stage appealed to me. There’s a great amount of stuff that goes along with having a baby - and beyond that it’s just an awesome time. The bonus is connecting with people and brands that admire, and often collaborating together. 

How do you balance work and family life? 

I don’t! My idea of balance comes when I practice yoga or work with color. I don’t find it comes with raising a family. And I mean this in the best possible way. I think it’s okay to “shelf” the idea of work/family balance and just do the best you can do. We all know that raising a family is not "one way works for all" - so my approach is to be in the moment wherever I am -- to truly be all in it. My children inspires me and my work, and I’m grateful I have both. 

If you could travel to anywhere in the world right now, where would it be? and why?

Barcelona! I crave destinations that offer big music, color, food and atmosphere. For the record, I’m a big Disney fan and would happily land there too. 

What is the best advice that was ever given to you, and what would be your best advice to give to all entrepreneurs?

Be okay with being uncomfortable. Whenever you do something new, or create change, it’s going to be a bit uncomfortable, and it’s in those moments that you truly discover what you’re made of. #DoWhatYouLove 

Thank you so much, Denell, for sharing a bit about you and a sneak peek into your life!
If you're in Dartmouth, MA, be sure to get tickets for their MOPA Event on Saturday, May 17th from 11am-2pm! Enter a chance to Win an amazing Giveaway with various amazing brands including A Little Bundle!