MEET: Arati and Anu

MEET: Arati, Anu and Akash


Our son, Akash Bhattacharya Saha, was brought into our arms without a heartbeat on April 5, 2014, weighing 6 pounds and measuring 20 inches. Akash (Ah-kahsh) means "the sky” or “limitless.”

This was very unexpected news and we have very few answers – all we know is that he was healthy on his due date of April 1st and no longer had a heartbeat three days later. Despite this tragic turn of events, it was a true blessing to welcome him into our family. We feel very humbled and blessed to have shared some precious hours with him before performing his last rites. We are confident that he knew he was loved.

For the 40 gestational weeks that we carried him, Akash gave us great hope and allowed us to dream big – this was probably immediately evident to anyone that shared any space with us in the last ten months. We couldn’t have been any more excited about his impending arrival. He brought us immeasurable joy in his all too short life, and it seems only appropriate to properly commemorate his spirit and preserve his legacy.

We have committed to building a series of school libraries dedicated to Akash’s memory. We welcome you to contribute towards this effort if you so choose but there is no obligation – we are committed to funding this initiative in its entirety.

Akash’s libraries will be established in conjunction with Room to Read, a charity we have long supported and trust. Room to Read is dedicated to promoting literacy and providing educational opportunities to children in South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Subsaharan Africa. Our current plan is to fund at least ten school libraries in India, a country that we visit often, though that number may increase based on donations received.

Akash inspired us to dream big. Similarly, we have faith that Akash’s libraries will bring immeasurable impact and opportunity to countless deserving children and communities through their existence. Our hope is to create permanent places that memorialize his spirit and that we can visit and share with our future family. We also intend for some of Akash’s ashes to be sprinkled at the library sites, and for some of his books to be permanently housed in these educational sanctuaries. 

Please feel free to share Akash’s library initiative with anyone you believe may be interested.

All our love,

Arati and Anu

Thank you so much, Arati and Anu, for sharing your story. We admire your strength and ability to move your grieving time into a positive commitment.