Meet Hillary Frank from Longest Shortest Time Podcast


Meet Hillary Frank
Author, Radio Producer, Wife and Mama

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Longest Shortest Time 


Early January, We got together with Hillary to curate the exclusive Big Bundle: "Not so Glamorous, but SO Necessary" (Pssst: There's only a few left! Gift your friend today! She'll thank you after labor ;)

Hillary was successfully funded on Kickstarter for Season 2 of her Longest Shortest Time Podcast, and we couldn't be luckier to have been a part of the kick off to the amazing New Year of 12 episodes! 

Longest Shortest Time is hosting their very first Google Hangout this Wednesday, January 29th at 8pm EST! 


We decided to interview Hillary on how she's handling motherhood, life and her podcast!

How has it been being a mother and owning your own business/Podcast?

It has been a huge balancing act, but I feel like I have found a way to create a job for myself that I love doing, while having flexible hours. That often means I'm working all night and most weekends. But I also get to spend afternoons with my daughter after school. There are big debates going on in this country over whether or not parents should or can have flexible hours. I believe that they should, but that is not the reality at most workplaces. I'm lucky in that I had the capability of creating that kind of situation for myself.

What is Sasha's favorite thing to say, eat and do right now? 

Favorite thing to say: "Why?" Or, more accurately, "Why-eee?"

Favorite thing to eat: Berries of all kinds. And onions. Ever since she started eating real food, she will pick her onions out of a meal and devour them as if they are chocolate chips. But she wants to make it clear: she does not like uncooked onions!

Favorite thing to do: Pretend to be an astronaut, with the cardboard box my husband turned into a rocket ship and space helmet. She says she wants to be a music teacher in space when she grows up. The person responsible for shuttling her on her long commute every day? Me. So, things won't be that different once she's a space musician. At least from my vantage point.

Which one is your most favorite episode so far? 

It's a tie between The Emperor's New Onesie and Nurse, Get the Handcuffs. "Emperor" is about a toddler who baffles her mother by going naked for over a month; and in "Nurse," I accidentally make my mom cry about something that happened over three decades ago.

Where would we find you on a date night? 

Well, I don't get too many date nights these days, but I love a good bar. Those are hard to find out here in the Jersey suburbs, but my husband and I recently found a restaurant that has a great bar tucked in back, with a bartender who knows that my husband likes beer and I like cocktails, and plays Tim Burton movies with closed captioning on a flat screen. I always leave there feeling happy.