Meet Karla & France: Five Indoor Family Night Ideas & Sneak Peek into France's Big Girl Room!


Meet Karla & France:
One of our most adored Mama & Daughter duo. 
Karla: Mom to Franchesca Fox. Wife to Jason Q. 
France: A fashionable cutie pie. Just wait until she can write - world, watch out!
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Five InDoor Family Night: 



I find it easy to forget about all the fun activities we can do during the winter. If you have a chalkboard write down a list of things you would all like to do during the Fall/Winter season. I suggest making an inspiration can all grab a few magazines and cut out fun things you see. Then put all your cut outs together to create a visual for the family! It's a great reminder and inspiration to be spontaneous and have fun even when it's chilly! 




The best way to have a good time, and get your littles wiped out..a dance party! Make a fun play list and dance a little. In-between songs grab a handful of your favorite popcorn. You can also get creative and mix in your littles favorite snack. It may sound a little silly but I assure you, you will get a smile and a giggle out of them!! It will taste O so delicious. My daughters favorite popcorn/snack combo is mixing in some pretzels. Yummy!


You can never go wrong here! I think we can always be up for a family movie night. No matter how many times I watch Tinker Bell it always feel like the first. Especially when my little girl holds my hand and her jaw is dropped the entire time! It's Awwwwing you know?! You can add a simple craft before the movie so you can have a little more interaction time. It can be a coloring page to send to grandma..sometimes it's best to keep it simple.


What better way to "go camping" then right in your family room?! Pack up a flashlight and your favorite books. I don't know about you but it doesn't feel like camping if I haven't had a s'more. Get cozy and pile up some blankets, if you have a fireplace right now is a great time to light it up. Now let the story time begin! 


Snap. Snap. Snap. AWAY! Create your own photo-booth fun at home. You can start by painting and then creating your own backdrop with a bed sheet. Hang it up anywhere and start snapping away! You can be as silly as you like, and have some great pictures to frame later. 





 -Written by Karla Quiz & with the help of France 


Here's a sneak peek of France's new Big Girl Room!

France is 22 months old and her birthday is on December 7th. Here's a sneak peak of how beautifully decorated Karla has creatively put together France's bedroom.

It definitely reflects France's colorful personality, love for adventure and always looking to have fun! We love it!