Meet the Kaus: Balancing Life, Family & Career


Meet Cori Kau:
Mom of Three, Wife to Zach K, Business Owner
Spruce Up Agency: Five Star Housekeeping | 415-239-1111

I recently bought a small business that I now operate from home part-time and part-time in downtown San Francisco. I envisioned purchasing this business to fulfill my desire to be a business owner at some point in my life...something to check off and a way for me to contribute to our lifestyle. I have three wonderful children ages 6.5 years, 3.5 years, and 2 years old this coming weekend. A handful, yes, but my husband and I can't seem to feel satisfied with keeping steady. We always need to be doing something different...keeping things moving forward for our family. And in this case, it was buying a business that I can run (at least part-time) from home AND be there for the kids.

We've been owners of the business for about 2 months now and are coming to an end with our full-time nanny that has been with us for about 3 months. Our two youngest will be attending preschool starting next week and I have hopes that this is the balance I am looking for. I've had an appetite for having an impact on my own business for a long time but still be a notable figure in my children's lives and volunteer in their classrooms.

Is it possible? Can it be done?

Anyone that hears about what I do now (run my own business) and manage the upbringing of my three, sweet kiddos looks at me with wide, doe eyes. I tell myself to be fearless everyday...every challenge can be met. I feel a bit bashful acknowledging my background is in corporate retail--working for some of my biggest fashion houses in New York City. Can I admit that perhaps my fashion sense has taken a back seat?  Perhaps...but we all have priorities. That's where A Little Bundle comes in...curated bundles for both mom and baby. A moment in time where mom and baby can be appreciated. Order yours now.


Here's to a life for a busy mom...trying to do it all.

-Written by Cori Kau