The Life Adventurers: The Hale Family


Meet the Hale Family: Family of Four with Big Hearts. Read about their story about adding a new little love to their life - forever.

When I met Aaron, I met a guy who wanted to live a life of adventure. He didn't care about rules… he wasn't interested in climbing the ladder… he didn't want the picket fence or the manicured lawn, he just wanted to love people! Bring justice to the vulnerable! He wanted to change the world! ...

When he asked me if I would join him on this adventure… I answered with a big fat "YES!" 

Since then life has most certainly been an adventure! The biggest so far was our journey to bringing home our first son. After we had been married for a couple of years and started talking about having kids, Aaron said…

"Why don't we adopt first?!"

It took me a minute to put aside the idea of waiting to try for biological kids, but pretty soon I was dreaming about a baby boy from Africa. Our son!

In February of 2010 we started paperwork to adopt from Ethiopia. I started a blog to keep track of our process and sometimes used that space to write letters to this baby boy we were so anxious to meet! The morning of December 1st something crazy happened!! I woke up feeling very achy and I shared with Aaron that I had a dream! I dreamt that our son was born! I decided to write about the dream on my blog.

The post was titled, "WERE YOU BORN TODAY?" and all it said was, "I had the craziest dream that you came into the world last night and when I woke up my insides were aching. I wonder if I could sense you being born from across the world. I guess we'll just have to wait and see."

You guessed it… 4 months later we got the call we had been waiting for. We had been matched with a baby boy. She told us his name first, "Fuad Amina". Born… DECEMBER 1ST!!! What?? A miracle! I felt my son being born across the world!?!? No, I'm not psychic! No, I'm not lying! There's no explanation for it other than, miracles happen! And our family has been gifted with a miracle. And all I've wanted to do since it happened is share it! I love sharing our story. I love being able to tell people with 100% belief that miracles happen! 

Arthur Fuad has been home now for 2 years and is big brother to Ezra Golden who we just welcomed home this summer! I'm so happy I chose Aaron to lead our family into a grand adventure. I can't wait to see what's next! 

Written by Heather Hale, the Mama