A few things I've learned as a Mama by Maggie Whitley


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When Maxwell was born, my life changed immediately.
And even though he's still an infant I've already learned so much.

These things I know: my heart grew 100x larger, then split in half ;)

I became even happier than I once was.

My patience has been extended. (thank you, Jesus).

And I began noticing the smaller moments of life -- worrying less and feeling very content with just being.

Those first few months of a newborn are a haze, a true haze. They were right about that. ANd those dirty dishes that pile up both basins of the sink? It doesn't take much. And my time once spent working, hours and hours once spent creating and dreaming and chatting about ideas? Suddenly the hours are switched out for minutes, and tasks are divided into "must do" and "want to do". It makes sitting down to work so much more efficient, having divided lists like this. That I've learned.

Other things I now know: the messes that polka dot our living room are signs of life. No longer do I feel the need to clean and tidy and scramble to make our home presentable. It's already presentable because we're there with people we love and mementos of places we've been or things we've learned.

A smile is better than a million words. So is a hug :)

We spend more time planning and worrying about trying a new adventure than we spend actually going on the adventure.

Going to bed early is a good choice.

And the last thing I learned -- perhaps the most simple of them all? Having a baby has been good for my soul. It's refreshed me and made me whole.

Written by Maggie Whitley (Gussy Sews).