Three things I learned to keep as a first-time mom by Bonnibel & Baby Isra

Three things I learned to keep as a first-time mom:

Keep it natural. I experienced what it feels like to bring life into this world. I embraced all the glorious pain, blood, sweat, tears and tears so that Isra could enter this world bright-eyed, free from drowsy medication and surgery. I feel fortunate I had the chance to experience all the hard work labor takes. I felt like I earned my super hero status.

Keep it fun. In this age of technology and precision, we can schedule our lives to the T, leaving no room for surprises. In lieu of bursting bubbles, Bhurin and I experienced one of life’s greatest surprises and waited until birth to see if our baby would be a boy or a girl. We still carry that excitement with us everyday. It reminds us to enjoy the unexpected.

Keep it simple. Isra is already making an impact on her world from the choices we make as parents. So we’ve learned to keep things simple, where quality matters over quantity. Bhurin and I are doing our best to support smart ideas with Isra’s world in mind. That’s why we are psyched that A Little Bundle makes a mindful effort to find timeless pieces that are consciously made. 

 Written by Mama Bonnibel with lots of love and support from Baby Isra & Husband Bhurin 


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