Artist + Motherhood: Meet Emily Mercedes

It’s hard to balance work and family life, but Emily Mercedes does it well. One of my projects at A Little Bundle was to interview a mommy - baby duo - and I had the pleasure of visiting Emily and her son, Ryland at home to take a peek at how she manages it all.

1.    How has motherhood changed your life?
It’s hard to pinpoint all the big and small things that shift when you become a parent. I started seeing life from a whole new perspective the moment I found out I was pregnant. There are tiny moments that you slow down to observe when your child is entranced by just about everything. It’s like I get to rediscover everything around me though his eyes.

2.    What inspired you to start your Etsy shop?
Art has always been a huge passion of mine. I moved to Chicago and painted during the winters to cure cabin fever. During my stint in the Windy City, I started a website called theBERRY. Over the years I would feature artists on the site and each of their images motivated me to make my own Etsy Shop.

I had a series of moves from Chicago to Nashville then down to Atlanta to be with the love of my life. One giant leap to Los Angeles before we ended up in Austin, Texas. During these transitions, inspiration started coming from every direction. The first line I put on Etsy is titled ‘Effervescent.’ It is colorful and whimsical, like all the places I have lived.

Some of my most popular posts on theBERRY featured photos from the 80s and 90s. Who doesn’t love a nice dose of Nostalgia? Cue my Nostalgic line on Etsy.

I made paintings for Ryland’s room while I was pregnant with him. He’s one of my biggest inspirations of all! Why not make a Nursery line?

3.     How do you balance being a mom and your new project?
I only work on my art if Ryland is asleep. Just like I give all my time and energy to him while he’s awake. I do the same for my art while he’s napping. He comes with me on adventures to the print shop though, he loves it there!

4.    What is something Ryland can’t leave the house without?
We could pack every toy in his toy box in our car, but he wouldn’t play with them. If we are headed to the playground, he’d be happy to play with sticks and rocks the entire time.

5.    Does he have a favorite thing to do?
He loves being outside. He gets cabin fever just like his mommy. What can I say? When you live in such a cool outdoorsy town, you take advantage of it.

6.    What are a few go-to spots in Austin that you love taking Ryland to?
We go on lots of walks, stop at playgrounds, and head to the pools around Austin to stay cool.

Check out more of Emily's collection here

-Written by Christin F. Smith

 Photos by  Christin F. Smith

Share the Love, Twice.

Twins are double everything. Double the hugs, double the fun, and double the work. We took the time to interview Stephanie, who is new to being a mom of multiples to see exactly how she does it.

Did you ever think that you would be a mom of twins?

      “No, I never thought I would be the mom of twins. I was actually really shocked when we found out. It was only four weeks into the pregnancy when we went to the emergency room thinking I was having a miscarriage only to discover that not only were we not losing one baby, but actually having two. It was the best news I have ever received…especially in the emergency room.”

How do you like it so far?

      “I love it. There is double the love, snuggles, kisses, cuteness…also double the dirty diapers, but it’s totally worth it.”

In what other ways (besides there being two of everything) is it different than just having one child?

      “Schedules become very important. We have to plan in great detail things that used to be split second decisions, like a trip to the store. We used to just jump up and go, but not now. We have to pack bags, look at when we fed the twins last and when they need to eat again. It’s a forty-five minute get-ready session. It’s also different in that you don’t just stare and admire how adorable your new bundle of joy is, you look at both of them. The way they are similar and the way they are different. You watch how they communicate with each other and realize you’re the one left out of the conversation! It can be a little overwhelming at times when it’s just me and the twins, and they both stat crying. It isn’t easy to console two crying babies, but I’m learning. You also become a minor celebrity by association. Everywhere we go people stop us to admire them.”

In what ways have you had to change your daily routine? Has that been difficult?

      “Well, my daily routine thus far has been feeding, changing diapers and bathing babies. I have started working from home and I have to schedule work time when the babies sleep and that can sometimes be difficult if one decides they want to stay up and chit-chat. The most important thing has been to keep them on the same schedule so that they both sleep at the same time so during that time I can do other things. I haven’t gone back to work at the office yet. I’m sure that when I do the routine will really change and things will be much more difficult.”

You have three other children, which must get hectic! Is it always bustling in your house now, with the two new additions?

      “It is pretty busy around here all the time, but my three older children are really very helpful and they adore the twins. Our three oldest have all started basketball season and that is crazy since they practice at different places and two practice at the same time, but we manage it. I am very lucky that I have a lot of help with family and friends, that makes a huge difference.”

I can only imagine the demand that Emma and Jaxon put on you. What are you going to do when you have to go back to work?

      “I am going to be very depressed when I have to go back to work, I definitely don’t want to leave them, but I am lucky that my mother-in-law lives with us and will take care of them when I do have to go back. My older sister also lives close and always wants to come babysit so again, I have a lot of help which makes a huge difference.”

Have you met any other moms of multiples? Can you give any advice to them from your experiences?

      “It seems as though when I found out I was pregnant with twins I was always meeting either another mom with twins or someone who was a twin. The best advice I can give would be this:

1.   Keep them on the same schedule. It’s the only way you will be able to have any time to feed and bathe yourself.

2.   When shopping for them, buy things with multiple purposes. For example, I bought swings that have vibrating chairs that come off, instead of having a swing and a bouncy chair, otherwise there would be no room to walk around the house.

3.   Accept all the help that is offered to you. There is no way that you can do it all on your own and the people offering help really want to, so take advantage.

4.   And the biggest piece of advice – be calm. The babies feed off your energy; if you’re calm they will be calm too, even if they’re crying. It won’t be a panicky ‘I haven’t taken a breath yet’ cry.”

Interviewed and Written by Christin Smith.

MEET: Arati and Anu

MEET: Arati, Anu and Akash


Our son, Akash Bhattacharya Saha, was brought into our arms without a heartbeat on April 5, 2014, weighing 6 pounds and measuring 20 inches. Akash (Ah-kahsh) means "the sky” or “limitless.”

This was very unexpected news and we have very few answers – all we know is that he was healthy on his due date of April 1st and no longer had a heartbeat three days later. Despite this tragic turn of events, it was a true blessing to welcome him into our family. We feel very humbled and blessed to have shared some precious hours with him before performing his last rites. We are confident that he knew he was loved.

For the 40 gestational weeks that we carried him, Akash gave us great hope and allowed us to dream big – this was probably immediately evident to anyone that shared any space with us in the last ten months. We couldn’t have been any more excited about his impending arrival. He brought us immeasurable joy in his all too short life, and it seems only appropriate to properly commemorate his spirit and preserve his legacy.

We have committed to building a series of school libraries dedicated to Akash’s memory. We welcome you to contribute towards this effort if you so choose but there is no obligation – we are committed to funding this initiative in its entirety.

Akash’s libraries will be established in conjunction with Room to Read, a charity we have long supported and trust. Room to Read is dedicated to promoting literacy and providing educational opportunities to children in South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Subsaharan Africa. Our current plan is to fund at least ten school libraries in India, a country that we visit often, though that number may increase based on donations received.

Akash inspired us to dream big. Similarly, we have faith that Akash’s libraries will bring immeasurable impact and opportunity to countless deserving children and communities through their existence. Our hope is to create permanent places that memorialize his spirit and that we can visit and share with our future family. We also intend for some of Akash’s ashes to be sprinkled at the library sites, and for some of his books to be permanently housed in these educational sanctuaries. 

Please feel free to share Akash’s library initiative with anyone you believe may be interested.

All our love,

Arati and Anu

Thank you so much, Arati and Anu, for sharing your story. We admire your strength and ability to move your grieving time into a positive commitment.

Meet: Denell Pepin from MoPa Living


Meet: Denell Pepin

We connected with Denell Pepin, founder behind MOPA, and asked her a few questions about herself, family and balancing work life. 

What inspired you to start MOPA Event?

While pregnant with Nate in New York City, it was the perfect place to explore everything baby AND be within reach of the best of the best. And when I was not actually shopping the streets, I was online researching products that fit my lifestyle and aesthetic. I was in deep and I loved the process - the hunt! 

The idea of creating a one-day, on-trend marketplace where parents can do all the above and also feel celebrated about this life stage appealed to me. There’s a great amount of stuff that goes along with having a baby - and beyond that it’s just an awesome time. The bonus is connecting with people and brands that admire, and often collaborating together. 

How do you balance work and family life? 

I don’t! My idea of balance comes when I practice yoga or work with color. I don’t find it comes with raising a family. And I mean this in the best possible way. I think it’s okay to “shelf” the idea of work/family balance and just do the best you can do. We all know that raising a family is not "one way works for all" - so my approach is to be in the moment wherever I am -- to truly be all in it. My children inspires me and my work, and I’m grateful I have both. 

If you could travel to anywhere in the world right now, where would it be? and why?

Barcelona! I crave destinations that offer big music, color, food and atmosphere. For the record, I’m a big Disney fan and would happily land there too. 

What is the best advice that was ever given to you, and what would be your best advice to give to all entrepreneurs?

Be okay with being uncomfortable. Whenever you do something new, or create change, it’s going to be a bit uncomfortable, and it’s in those moments that you truly discover what you’re made of. #DoWhatYouLove 

Thank you so much, Denell, for sharing a bit about you and a sneak peek into your life!
If you're in Dartmouth, MA, be sure to get tickets for their MOPA Event on Saturday, May 17th from 11am-2pm! Enter a chance to Win an amazing Giveaway with various amazing brands including A Little Bundle!

Meet Megan Daugherty: Wife, Mom to Two, and Shop Owner!


Meet Megan Daugherty:
Wife, Mom to Two and Shop Owner

Shop: Urban Baby Runway

We're always allllwwwaaayyyss excited to explore new products, designers and best of all connect with amazing, ambitious and talented people!

When Megan approached us, we were thrilled to meet another friend! She had become a proud owner of Urban Baby Runway since July 2013 and managed to balance her Stay at home hat with her Working hat. 

Read more about how she does it below!

1. How do you manage to balance Urban Baby Runway, Life and Kids?

Carefully! My family is first. I am passionate about both & I am so fortunate to be able to do both. I have a supportive husband and the kids love to be involved which makes the juggle easier. But I have definitely missed some hours of sleep!!

2. How many Kids do you have and what do you love most about each of them?

I have two kiddos, my son Keller is 5 and my daughter Maren is 3. I feel like I could go on and on about them (like any mom can)! The things that I love most about Keller, are his caringness and his serious personality. Even at a young age you can tell he has a strong desire to succeed. Maren, well she is the complete opposite of serious! She is a complete goofball & is always making us laugh. That along with her carefree attitude always makes her the life of the party!

3. What inspired you to start Urban Baby Runway? 

UBR was actually started by a gal in Baltimore in 2006. In July of 2013, the opportunity presented itself and I became the proud new owner. Owning a boutique was always something that I wanted to do, and with UBR the opportunity was perfect! I am able to continue to be a stay-at-home mother AND work in an industry I love.

4. What is one of your theme goals for this New Year? 

My main goal for the New Year is to expand in girls clothing. The main focus the past few months has been directed more towards boys clothing & I want to mix it up. Of course, I am ALWAYS looking for new designs and brands to bring to UBR and that will continue through 2014!

Have you checked out her shop yet? We think you should treat your little for that famous heart day coming up in February and match up the outfit with our toy selections


Meet Hillary Frank from Longest Shortest Time Podcast


Meet Hillary Frank
Author, Radio Producer, Wife and Mama

Listen to her podcast: 
Longest Shortest Time 


Early January, We got together with Hillary to curate the exclusive Big Bundle: "Not so Glamorous, but SO Necessary" (Pssst: There's only a few left! Gift your friend today! She'll thank you after labor ;)

Hillary was successfully funded on Kickstarter for Season 2 of her Longest Shortest Time Podcast, and we couldn't be luckier to have been a part of the kick off to the amazing New Year of 12 episodes! 

Longest Shortest Time is hosting their very first Google Hangout this Wednesday, January 29th at 8pm EST! 


We decided to interview Hillary on how she's handling motherhood, life and her podcast!

How has it been being a mother and owning your own business/Podcast?

It has been a huge balancing act, but I feel like I have found a way to create a job for myself that I love doing, while having flexible hours. That often means I'm working all night and most weekends. But I also get to spend afternoons with my daughter after school. There are big debates going on in this country over whether or not parents should or can have flexible hours. I believe that they should, but that is not the reality at most workplaces. I'm lucky in that I had the capability of creating that kind of situation for myself.

What is Sasha's favorite thing to say, eat and do right now? 

Favorite thing to say: "Why?" Or, more accurately, "Why-eee?"

Favorite thing to eat: Berries of all kinds. And onions. Ever since she started eating real food, she will pick her onions out of a meal and devour them as if they are chocolate chips. But she wants to make it clear: she does not like uncooked onions!

Favorite thing to do: Pretend to be an astronaut, with the cardboard box my husband turned into a rocket ship and space helmet. She says she wants to be a music teacher in space when she grows up. The person responsible for shuttling her on her long commute every day? Me. So, things won't be that different once she's a space musician. At least from my vantage point.

Which one is your most favorite episode so far? 

It's a tie between The Emperor's New Onesie and Nurse, Get the Handcuffs. "Emperor" is about a toddler who baffles her mother by going naked for over a month; and in "Nurse," I accidentally make my mom cry about something that happened over three decades ago.

Where would we find you on a date night? 

Well, I don't get too many date nights these days, but I love a good bar. Those are hard to find out here in the Jersey suburbs, but my husband and I recently found a restaurant that has a great bar tucked in back, with a bartender who knows that my husband likes beer and I like cocktails, and plays Tim Burton movies with closed captioning on a flat screen. I always leave there feeling happy.


The Life Adventurers: The Hale Family


Meet the Hale Family: Family of Four with Big Hearts. Read about their story about adding a new little love to their life - forever.

When I met Aaron, I met a guy who wanted to live a life of adventure. He didn't care about rules… he wasn't interested in climbing the ladder… he didn't want the picket fence or the manicured lawn, he just wanted to love people! Bring justice to the vulnerable! He wanted to change the world! ...

When he asked me if I would join him on this adventure… I answered with a big fat "YES!" 

Since then life has most certainly been an adventure! The biggest so far was our journey to bringing home our first son. After we had been married for a couple of years and started talking about having kids, Aaron said…

"Why don't we adopt first?!"

It took me a minute to put aside the idea of waiting to try for biological kids, but pretty soon I was dreaming about a baby boy from Africa. Our son!

In February of 2010 we started paperwork to adopt from Ethiopia. I started a blog to keep track of our process and sometimes used that space to write letters to this baby boy we were so anxious to meet! The morning of December 1st something crazy happened!! I woke up feeling very achy and I shared with Aaron that I had a dream! I dreamt that our son was born! I decided to write about the dream on my blog.

The post was titled, "WERE YOU BORN TODAY?" and all it said was, "I had the craziest dream that you came into the world last night and when I woke up my insides were aching. I wonder if I could sense you being born from across the world. I guess we'll just have to wait and see."

You guessed it… 4 months later we got the call we had been waiting for. We had been matched with a baby boy. She told us his name first, "Fuad Amina". Born… DECEMBER 1ST!!! What?? A miracle! I felt my son being born across the world!?!? No, I'm not psychic! No, I'm not lying! There's no explanation for it other than, miracles happen! And our family has been gifted with a miracle. And all I've wanted to do since it happened is share it! I love sharing our story. I love being able to tell people with 100% belief that miracles happen! 

Arthur Fuad has been home now for 2 years and is big brother to Ezra Golden who we just welcomed home this summer! I'm so happy I chose Aaron to lead our family into a grand adventure. I can't wait to see what's next! 

Written by Heather Hale, the Mama 


A few things I've learned as a Mama by Maggie Whitley


Meet Maggie (Gussy):  Wife to one, Mama to one, Blogger by day and Sewer by Life...and one of our very own A Little Mama! :)

Website: Gussy Sews

When Maxwell was born, my life changed immediately.
And even though he's still an infant I've already learned so much.

These things I know: my heart grew 100x larger, then split in half ;)

I became even happier than I once was.

My patience has been extended. (thank you, Jesus).

And I began noticing the smaller moments of life -- worrying less and feeling very content with just being.

Those first few months of a newborn are a haze, a true haze. They were right about that. ANd those dirty dishes that pile up both basins of the sink? It doesn't take much. And my time once spent working, hours and hours once spent creating and dreaming and chatting about ideas? Suddenly the hours are switched out for minutes, and tasks are divided into "must do" and "want to do". It makes sitting down to work so much more efficient, having divided lists like this. That I've learned.

Other things I now know: the messes that polka dot our living room are signs of life. No longer do I feel the need to clean and tidy and scramble to make our home presentable. It's already presentable because we're there with people we love and mementos of places we've been or things we've learned.

A smile is better than a million words. So is a hug :)

We spend more time planning and worrying about trying a new adventure than we spend actually going on the adventure.

Going to bed early is a good choice.

And the last thing I learned -- perhaps the most simple of them all? Having a baby has been good for my soul. It's refreshed me and made me whole.

Written by Maggie Whitley (Gussy Sews).



Listen Loudly, Love even Louder by Kacia Hosmer

img-5 -s.jpg

Meet Kacia and Harlow. Mama at heart. Artist by Life. Blogger by Day. 

Blog: Coconut Robot



listen loudly, love even louder //


I remember feeling really insecure in middle school.  I was not one of those people who skipped past the awkward years.  Ha.


Oh no.  From the hair, to the glasses, to my clothes: I was awkward.  [Looking back now I'm really thankful for those awkward years, I learned a lot because of them.  And honestly? I'm still awkward.]

During those awkward years, when girls were mean + gossip was all the rage, I remember thinking

All of these feelings, competition, girls being mean .... it goes away when you become an adult.


And I couldn't wait to get there.  I wanted to become an adult: where people were nice, no one was mean and everyone got along. 



I turned 18.

I went to college.

Insecurities grew.  People were still mean.

I graduated.  I moved away.

Still got hurt.  Competition remained.

Then? I became a mom. 

and it was every feeling and emotion in full gear.

The desire to know why grew in me as I tried to figure out and understand this unspoken competition that everyone seemed to know about ... but no one discussed.

I realized that questions are often asked for affirmation.  For example: A disposable diapering mom asks a question to another mom.  She realizes this other mom uses cloth diapers, and what she potentially hears is, "I think your way is wrong."

When really? These two choices are simply two different way to catch poop. That is it. 

The bottom line is that while I do believe in absolutes, I also believe that there are so many right ways when it comes to parenting.  We've placed every little decision into it's only silo.  We've given it a name--and someone has made millions off of it.  It's silly, and it's not helping.

Yes, some parents do answer questions in a way that is cutting or condescending, but I've learned that mostly?  We're all just trying hard to do what's best for our children and half of the time? We're clueless.

Just because I let Harlow come into bed with me in the morning, doesn't mean that I think your way is wrong.

I happen to like my stroller and my wrap, and I support however you roll, too.

Just because I gave birth to Harlow without pain medications does not mean that I am better or stronger than anyone else.  Also? I have no idea if I'll even attempt it again.

We like routine and a bit of structure.  We use bits and pieces from all sorts of books and advice from my own mother's brain. mostly that.  I don't recommend that my friends who are expecting read any "parenting type" books before having their baby [another post for another time...], but I don't think you're wrong if you do. [I did!]

If you ask me about any choices that we've made as a parent: I will probably tell you about cloth diapering, natural birth, etc. with a lot of passion and excitement.  But if you ask me about Coconut Robot, or my husband or my family? I'll probably respond with a similar excitement.  That's just me.  It's who I am and I believe that we should be confident in the choices we make.  If you choose a different route: I want to encourage and support you.  Also? I want to pick your brain and learn more!

Sure, I doubt myself all. the. time. I ask those I look up to for advice, but ultimately I am Harlow's mommy.  I need to stand behind my choices.  But I also reserve the right to change my mind at any time.

Okay.  I'm wondering if I'm alone in this one: when I became a mom, I couldn't wait until my kids were ... so I didn't have to deal with insecurities about my parenting choices or competition.

bahahaha. ha. haha.

C'mon, Kacia.  Here's the truth: we are human and we are going to deal with insecurities for our entire time on this earth.  So, next time you're talking with your own mother or your mother in law, remember that they might be hearing the same lie you sometimes hear, as you tell them about your parenting choices:

She's telling me that what I did? ...was wrong.

Remind them that no, it's just different.  We're different people, and we're going to make different choices.  So instead of ignoring this fact, let's call it out.  Let's vocalize our differences, encourage each other, and genuinely ask questions.

I've been learning recently about the power of our voice over the past few weeks.  Shame, sadness and bitterness begin to brew when we hide our feelings and what is going on in our lives.  We need to speak it.  Declare it.  Be okay with someone making a different choice.

So right now I'm declaring us all winners in this competition.  One big tied-game that will not go into overtime.  Let's begin learning from one another.

I want my children to know me as someone who uses my voice to encourage people around me: not tear them down.  [I've got a long way to go before I get there, but I'm working on it.]

What do you think? You in?  I'll make t-shirts.


Written by Kacia Hosmer



Emotions of Unexpected Pregnancy by Karim Jones

photo (1).JPG


Meet Karim Jones:
Wife. Mama of two. Blogger by Day. 

Website: Hola Joneses
Instagram: @karimjones

Emotions of Unexpected Pregnancy 

I sat in the bathroom, my heart racing. Fast and then faster. The kind of fast where you feel like your heart might just run out of your chest. I had just put my baby girl down for her nap. My mind filled with thoughts. I thought of the sweet baby that lay in her crib. Had she only been in our lives for four short months? She brought life to her beautiful room. I had specifically picked every little thing in her room because I wanted it to be a place of light, giggles, late night feedings, and love. I made sure all the color accents were just the ride shade of purple. We had been waiting for this baby, and I wanted to give her the world.

Tears started streaming down my cheeks as I looked at the pregnancy test sitting by the sink. One line had appeared, and then all too quickly, the second one did, too. The line was so bright, as if to say, "No mistake here. You're pregnant."

Pregnant. I'm pregnant. I am pregnant. Wasn't I JUST pregnant?

How could this happen? Getting pregnant the first time took extra doctor's visits, pills, calendars, disappointments, and dozens of negative pregnancy tests. The day we found out I was pregnant with my first, our tears were happy tears.

Now, my tears had turned into confused angry tears. I can't be pregnant. I need more time. I need my baby. She needs me and more time.

The first few weeks after I found out about my second pregnancy were some of the roughest in my life. I feel like I had stepped outside my body and was looking down at a very sad and lost version of myself. I felt like a rain cloud was following me, and I didn't know how to be a good mom to my small baby. I was happy one moment, but a total wreck the next. These feelings felt so foreign to me, a normally really happy person. Never before had I felt more than your normal sadness. Now, the word "depression" would occasionally pop in my mind.

One day I had to let it out. I acknowledged my sadness AND my anger. And I hated myself for having such bad feelings. I had wanted my first so so badly; why couldn't I feel the same way about my second? I had once been in the position of trying so hard to get pregnant, and every time I got a negative test my heart would ache. I had close friends and family who desperately wanted a baby. I was angry at myself for being angry. 

I wish I could say I had a magical moment where it all went away and everything was perfect. I can't say that. But I can say this:

The anger went away. The sadness went away. The shock eventually went away.

Instead, I was scared. I was scared that I wouldn't love this baby as much as my first (even though I wanted to more than anything.) I wanted to love this baby with every fiber of me, but I was scared my heart wouldn't be in it. These fears lingered until the very moment my son was born. In that moment, all those sad feelings were replaced with a heart-twisting, feel-it-in-your-gut,WHERE have you been all my life because I missed you kind of love.

-There are days that I look back at "that hard time" as I call it when my husband and I are sharing our feelings at night. I wish I didn't feel guilty. I wish I had rubbed my belly more and just sat to feel his kicks. I wish I could give the pregnant me a hug and just hold her. I would tell her that the little boy in her belly would make her heart melt over and over again. I would tell her that this little boy filled every single inch of our home with joy. That the heart doesn't have a certain amount of love to give; that love has no limit.

-Written by Karim Jones


photo (3).JPG

Three things I learned to keep as a first-time mom by Bonnibel & Baby Isra

Three things I learned to keep as a first-time mom:

Keep it natural. I experienced what it feels like to bring life into this world. I embraced all the glorious pain, blood, sweat, tears and tears so that Isra could enter this world bright-eyed, free from drowsy medication and surgery. I feel fortunate I had the chance to experience all the hard work labor takes. I felt like I earned my super hero status.

Keep it fun. In this age of technology and precision, we can schedule our lives to the T, leaving no room for surprises. In lieu of bursting bubbles, Bhurin and I experienced one of life’s greatest surprises and waited until birth to see if our baby would be a boy or a girl. We still carry that excitement with us everyday. It reminds us to enjoy the unexpected.

Keep it simple. Isra is already making an impact on her world from the choices we make as parents. So we’ve learned to keep things simple, where quality matters over quantity. Bhurin and I are doing our best to support smart ideas with Isra’s world in mind. That’s why we are psyched that A Little Bundle makes a mindful effort to find timeless pieces that are consciously made. 

 Written by Mama Bonnibel with lots of love and support from Baby Isra & Husband Bhurin 


P1120670 (1).JPG

Amy's Sweet Caroline

Remember Amy's sweet Caroline that won the Stuffed Animal Contest

Mama Amy sent us a sweet update of her little lovey and her new friend, a bear from Maileg. She said that Caroline has been loving on the bear so much that they had to replace the bow!! <3

We can't help but wooo and ahhh when we read her email and see Caroline in these sweet pictures. 

It's the little things that make everything so sweet!

Thank you, Amy & Caroline! 



Meet Karla & France: Five Indoor Family Night Ideas & Sneak Peek into France's Big Girl Room!


Meet Karla & France:
One of our most adored Mama & Daughter duo. 
Karla: Mom to Franchesca Fox. Wife to Jason Q. 
France: A fashionable cutie pie. Just wait until she can write - world, watch out!
Instagram: @karlaquiz  | Blog:

Five InDoor Family Night: 



I find it easy to forget about all the fun activities we can do during the winter. If you have a chalkboard write down a list of things you would all like to do during the Fall/Winter season. I suggest making an inspiration can all grab a few magazines and cut out fun things you see. Then put all your cut outs together to create a visual for the family! It's a great reminder and inspiration to be spontaneous and have fun even when it's chilly! 




The best way to have a good time, and get your littles wiped out..a dance party! Make a fun play list and dance a little. In-between songs grab a handful of your favorite popcorn. You can also get creative and mix in your littles favorite snack. It may sound a little silly but I assure you, you will get a smile and a giggle out of them!! It will taste O so delicious. My daughters favorite popcorn/snack combo is mixing in some pretzels. Yummy!


You can never go wrong here! I think we can always be up for a family movie night. No matter how many times I watch Tinker Bell it always feel like the first. Especially when my little girl holds my hand and her jaw is dropped the entire time! It's Awwwwing you know?! You can add a simple craft before the movie so you can have a little more interaction time. It can be a coloring page to send to grandma..sometimes it's best to keep it simple.


What better way to "go camping" then right in your family room?! Pack up a flashlight and your favorite books. I don't know about you but it doesn't feel like camping if I haven't had a s'more. Get cozy and pile up some blankets, if you have a fireplace right now is a great time to light it up. Now let the story time begin! 


Snap. Snap. Snap. AWAY! Create your own photo-booth fun at home. You can start by painting and then creating your own backdrop with a bed sheet. Hang it up anywhere and start snapping away! You can be as silly as you like, and have some great pictures to frame later. 





 -Written by Karla Quiz & with the help of France 


Here's a sneak peek of France's new Big Girl Room!

France is 22 months old and her birthday is on December 7th. Here's a sneak peak of how beautifully decorated Karla has creatively put together France's bedroom.

It definitely reflects France's colorful personality, love for adventure and always looking to have fun! We love it!


Meet the Kaus: Balancing Life, Family & Career


Meet Cori Kau:
Mom of Three, Wife to Zach K, Business Owner
Spruce Up Agency: Five Star Housekeeping | 415-239-1111

I recently bought a small business that I now operate from home part-time and part-time in downtown San Francisco. I envisioned purchasing this business to fulfill my desire to be a business owner at some point in my life...something to check off and a way for me to contribute to our lifestyle. I have three wonderful children ages 6.5 years, 3.5 years, and 2 years old this coming weekend. A handful, yes, but my husband and I can't seem to feel satisfied with keeping steady. We always need to be doing something different...keeping things moving forward for our family. And in this case, it was buying a business that I can run (at least part-time) from home AND be there for the kids.

We've been owners of the business for about 2 months now and are coming to an end with our full-time nanny that has been with us for about 3 months. Our two youngest will be attending preschool starting next week and I have hopes that this is the balance I am looking for. I've had an appetite for having an impact on my own business for a long time but still be a notable figure in my children's lives and volunteer in their classrooms.

Is it possible? Can it be done?

Anyone that hears about what I do now (run my own business) and manage the upbringing of my three, sweet kiddos looks at me with wide, doe eyes. I tell myself to be fearless everyday...every challenge can be met. I feel a bit bashful acknowledging my background is in corporate retail--working for some of my biggest fashion houses in New York City. Can I admit that perhaps my fashion sense has taken a back seat?  Perhaps...but we all have priorities. That's where A Little Bundle comes in...curated bundles for both mom and baby. A moment in time where mom and baby can be appreciated. Order yours now.


Here's to a life for a busy mom...trying to do it all.

-Written by Cori Kau