Picks of the Week 8.4: Black and White Everything!

Picks of the Week 8.4

Black + White Everything!

1 Goat Milk NYC Tank: We can never pass up a really good essential piece, especially one this soft and so fitting. Delicious.

2 Freshly Picked Steel: These soft and comfty moccs that wrap your feet will make your babe jump higher!

3 Wee Gallery x ALB Giraffe: Not quite yet available for purchase at A Little Shop, but crossing our fingers we'll have a few left for anyone that missed out on this amazing Collab we did with Wee Gallery! :)

4. MadsleyLoves Bib: Who says a Bib has to be the same kind of bib your mom put you in? These Bandana bibs bring a new style to your babe's outfit!

We wish you a very happy, safe and wonderful weekend!

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Thank you so much for the love and support!

Annie Lin