Picks of the Week 7.3

That Girl Thang!

1 Wovenplay x ALB Shellstar Featherband: Wovenplay, one of our favs, is a magical and dreamy brand that makes us wish we were a kid again to wear all their pieces. This Exclusive Shellstar Featherband does just that - brings in the magic of adventures and imagination! 

2 Little Low (wo)Man's Best Friend Every person needs a furry best friend. We're dog lovers over here at A Little Bundle HQ - and we think this poster is a friendly reminder that these furry animals are the best!

3 Shoppe La Lune Bijou Kiwi BraceletWhen we started seeing these adorable accessories pop up everywhere - we were like - who's that? and who made that? and why are they so darn adorable! We instantly fell in love with their choices of playful whimsical pieces - it's magic! Accessorize your babe the way you would want to wear it! 

4 Wovenplay Lola Suit LimeLemonade, Limeade - we'll take either or! This adorable romper will be the best piece your babe will wish they had when they grow up and look back at old pictures of their childhood! Save it for their baby too!

Piggy PaintEvery Girl needs a good polish once in a while. I personally chip mine all the time, but who cares! These are Natural, Non-Toxic and the colors are oh so fun! What a great way to bond and be a girly girl - even for just a few moments.

We wish you a very happy, safe and wonderful weekend!

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Annie Lin