Picks of the Week 6.4: Girl and Boy!


Picks of the Week 6.4

Girl and Boy!

1 Quirkie Kids Best Friends OnsieMartine is the mind behind Quirkie Kids and inspired by the idea that color should never be identified as masculine or feminine. She wants her boys to grow up confident and true to who they are. Quirkie Kids is about more than just pink t-shirts. It's about giving both boys and girls more options to express themselves through their clothing.

2 Wise Looks Headband Based out of San Francisco, you can snag a variety of headbands for your babe!

3 Fink Toys Little Vermin FriendDo we need to explain? These make perfect friends for life!

4 Goat Milk NYC TankThey take quality and comfort to the next level. Can we take one in adult size, please?

5. Wovenplay Scavenger Pouch: *Exclusively Ours* We love these durable pouches that hook up to your belt look and make a great pocket for all the treasures you can find!

We wish you a very happy, safe and wonderful weekend!

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Annie Lin