Picks of the Week 4.4: How high can you go?


Picks of the Week 4.4

How High Can You Go?

1  Maileg Big Sister Mouse:  Say goodnight to your very own little mouse friend! Have your babe tuck their friends to bed while you tuck them to bed!

2 & 3 Hazel Village : We adore this stuffed animal wonderland and can't wait to share our collaboration with them in months to come!

4 Maileg Mr. FoxOur famous stuffed animal friend wants to say HI!

5 Maileg Lady FoxAnd Mr. Fox's sister would love to come along!

6 Petit Collage Giant Giraffe: Create the memory and mark your babe's height. 

Starting next week, we are starting to sprinkle a Picks of products either we personally love or samples of brands we receive from different brands for our Picks the Week! Many of them include brands we love, and samples that are sent to us from brands from around the world that hope to work with us. We are so grateful for the samples that are sent to us daily and if we're not able to work with you immediately, we will definitely keep you in mind. 

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