Picks of the Week 4.3: A Little Bundle Circus


Picks of the Week 4.3

A Little Bundle Circus is in town! Dress to impress with these playful picks!

1  Maileg Joyful GarlandThese adorable Garland brings color to any room!

2 Atusyo Et Akiko Whistle (3 different styles): Whistle your way into Summer!

3 Atsuyo Et Akiko Gold Star PinShine in the sunshine with this gold star hairpin!

4 Atsuyo Et Akiko Le Cirque TeeCreate your own circus! And share with us by tagging #alittlebundle

5 Atsuyo Et Akiko Mask TeeShow us your mask tea party by wearing this shirt!

6 Maileg Circus MouseHe'll help conduct your show : D

Have a wonderful weekend! 
Don't forget to tag photos and share #alittlebundle!

Hugs & xos.