Picks of the Week 3.1: Little Mouse's Kitchen


Little Mouse's Kitchen

The Mouse Family just gather some delicious vegetables from their garden to make their favorite veggie stew! 

1  Maileg Big Brother | Big Sister : Meet Big Brother Matchbox Mouse and Big Sister Matchbox Mouse! We adore them as they come in their own beds to sleep right next to your babe! Teach your little love how to tuck their new friends in when it's sleepy-time!

2  Soopsari Wooden Vegetable & Fruit Set : This natural wooden brand from Korea makes every bit of playing make-believe so much more fun. Teach your babe the importance of eating the goods while playing. 

3 Maileg Little Mouse Matchbox: Little Mouse runs this kitchen and he loves to eat his veggies. He keeps his little mouse family happy and healthy by growing his own garden. 

4 Flatout Frankie Stove & Oven: Build your babe their very own Stove and Oven and allow them to decorate it to their likings with markers, crayons and even paint! We promise, they'll start storing all their treasures in the Oven from now on, which means, less mess for you to clean up!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Big Hugs,
A Little Bundle Team