Picks of the Week 3.4: Ride into the Weekend

Picks of the Week 3.4

Ride into the Weekend!

1  Little Low Man's Best Friend Little Low Studio launched in April of 2012 after the fast growth of its parent line, Feb10, is more based on childlike illustrations and friendly, silly humor, Little Low focuses on an illustrative, expressive, and charming style more like the personal style of owner and designer Caitlin McClain.

2 Maileg Giraffe Maileg was started by designers Dorthe and Erik Mailil in year 1999. Giraffe comes in three different sweater colors: Yellow, Pink and Green. We only have two left!

3 PlaySam Spherovelo We especially love their modern designs for easy riding for your babes! The shapes of these Spherovelo are reminders of the Cartoon: Jetsons and Modern enough to imagine your babe flying in space! 

4 Maileg Circus Mouse Let this little mouse lead your babe into a world of imagination and adventure!

Have a wonderful weekend! 
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Hugs & xos.