Picks of the Week 3.3: What's in Your Mama Bag?

Picks of the Week 3.3

The Weekend Bag!

1  Loved by Hannah and Eli Mama Bear Tote : Exclusive Collaboration with Loved by Hannah and Eli! This functional and extremely cute tote is going to be your new favorite grocery bag, on the go bag and simply throw it all in and get it done bag!

2  Atsuyo Et Akiko Best Friend Bracelets: We adore ATSUYO Et AKiKO! These ladies are based out of Brooklyn, NY since 2007 offers a creative and fun selection of children's clothing, home decor, bags, accessories and jewelry!

3 Maileg Giraffe: Maileg was started by designers Dorthe and Erik Mailil in year 1999. Giraffe comes in three different sweater colors: Yellow, Pink and Green. We only have two left!

4 PlanToys Babe's First Camera: This Camera perfect for any gal or boy with the drive to be creative, build and fix things around the house! Teach them the trick of Instagram before they know it, they'll be professional photographers!

5 Atsuyo Et Akiko Whistle: SPRING IS HERE! Whistle your way into a field of flowers. These stylish whistles will be the center piece of your little babe's outfit! Throw this on over a white tee and soft vest and leggings. And Let them rule the world! (or at least for the hour.) 

6 Goodboy Friday Everyday Essential: These everyday essential pieces are as soft as can be and perfect for your little lovey (boy AND girl) to roam around town or just lounging around home. 

Have a wonderful weekend! 
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Hugs & xos.