DISCOVER: Kid + Kind


DISCOVER: Kid + Kind

DISCOVER:  Every Wednesday, we feature a boutique or shop that we discovered and think is perfect for you, Mamas, or/and your lovies! 

This week's obsession: Kid + Kind

About Kid + Kind: Kid + Kind is a playful new clothing line making fun, modern items to match our kids. We believe that children's clothing can be artful and creative, and that it can help paint the fun, exciting world surrounding our children.

Why we love them? We love the playful whimsical graphic tee that brings the character and simplicity of all children's personality: fun, loving and adventurous! 

Special Interview with Jacquelyn Sage, designer and founder of Kid + Kind:

1. How did you start Kid and Kind? What inspired you? 

I feel like Kid + Kind was inevitable; like it's been sitting dormant in me my whole life—and that once my daughter was born, I couldn't hold it in any longer.  It's a culmination of my crazy love of children and my inherent need to surround them with beauty. I imagine Kid + Kind as a mirror of their relevance—and a celebration of it. A reminder to never look too far ahead, or let the relevance of children and of childhood be overshadowed. Kid + Kind is an attempt to give back the very things our children bring to us.

Having worked in the fashion industry for nearly 12 years, the thought of 'going it alone' has always been in the back of my mind. I have worked for some of the globe's largest, most recognized brands; and while it has given me a wealth of knowledge of our mass markets, I still believe in creating something unique and special–something that alters the way we perceive ourselves and our possibilities, and even our own world. It was the birth of my daughter that sparked my inherent need to make her world as fun, beautiful, and as inspiring as possible. 

2. What did you envision Kid and Kind to be like and how has it been different since you started? 

Everything has taken off much faster than I could have ever foreseen. It's an amazing feeling to have others respond and support the brand right off the bat. I am very eager to expand the collection as soon as possible. 

Either way, this is all so new to me and I'm enjoying every moment. I can't say that I ever know what's next. I've worked as a creative my entire career and I never know what's coming until it's there in front if me. Design isn't as planned as we pretend it is. It's a reaction. And I hope to always be reacting and to never know what comes next. 

3. If you could give any advice to someone starting their own clothing line, what would be it?

Trust yourself. In a market saturated with brands trying to deliver what they believe people want, I've found that what 'you' believe in is just as powerful.