DISCOVER: FunnyPaper


DISCOVER:  Every Wednesday, we feature a boutique or shop that we discovered and think is perfect for you, Mamas, or/and your lovies! 

This week's obsession FunnyPaper

About FunnyPaper: Designed and Created in Korea, this eco-friendly brand creates durable and fun furniture for you and your babe! Paper Furniture of Funny paper can be assembled without scissors, knives and glues. Every piece is connected with furrows, so it is easy for children to assemble pieces and helps them understand the meaning of "space" and "structure" as they engaged in the process of assembling paper pieces. 

Why do we love them? It's no secret we adore these amazing imaginative cardboard fun - as we carry Flatout Frankie in A Little Shop, already! We love the idea of creating the adventure and imagination along with thinking of our planet and earth! These adorable paper furniture can create ways that allow your babe to personalize their space and furniture without spoiling them!