A Little Family is a way for employers to thoughtfully gift employees, clients and their families during joyful times of growth and transition. This could be maternity, paternity, adoption leave or simply showing them how much they’re appreciated.

Show your support and encouragement by gifting a subscription  - bundles are available for little ones up to two years!



Enjoy a corporate discount: Based on quantity, you’ll enjoy varying levels of discounts and customization. 

It’s easy: Send us a list of employees and clients you want to show appreciation. 

It’s personal: We include a personalized letter branded with your company logo. 

Build loyalty: A tangible gift reinforces company values and serves as a lasting reminder of the employee’s milestone.

Join a network of forward thinking companies: Join a group of innovative thought leaders who understand the exponential benefits tied to thoughtful family leave and the changing needs of today’s parents.   

Show your love + support: Your employees are now putting in more hours than ever (both in and out the office) – show you’re with them every step of the way.


Choose your family plan - we'll take care of the rest.
Email us to get started: give@alittlebundle.com